People who have always wanted to take a culinary trip with one of Philadelphias distinguished chefs now have the chance.

Chef Guillermo Pernot, chef-partner of Cuba Libre Restaurant Rum Bar, is taking his third culinary expedition to Cuba from Oct. 2-7 with 24 lucky guests. Reservations start July 20, the same day the Cuban embassy reopens in the United States.

There was nothing like a big stamp, he said. It was printed out on a regular sheet of paper. I told them, why cant they just let me print it out myself?

Joshua S. Lebovits, a real estate investor from California, said he was trying to close on a home in Northwest Baltimore to fix up when his title attorney told him about the broken printer. He said he was at a loss for words.

Its completely shameful, he said. How can the city, that depends on real estate transactions for tax revenue, allow that whole aspect of tax collection to hinge on the functionality of one printer? How can they let that happen?

Sales of personal computers plummeted in the second quarter of the year.

According to new data from research firm IDC, sales declined nearly 12-percent from the same time a year earlier.

PC maker Acer group saw the biggest drop at more than 20-percent.

Apple was the only maker to see an increase in sales.

According to industry experts, the overall decline is due in part to people waiting until Microsoft rolls out its new operating system, Windows 10, later this month.

Patrick Semansky/AP

I need to get a new computer, you or someone you know may be saying these days, and it might seem to make sense to buy one later this month, when Microsoft (MSFT) updates its operating system with the rollout of Windows 10.

However, many consumers are realizing that they may not want or need a new desktop or laptop at all. Lets go over a few of the reasons that it makes sense to hold back on springing for a new PC.

1. The PC Itself is Fading

Industry tracker Gartner (IT) recently reported that 68.4 million personal computers were shipped during the last...

Spring is the season to mark for fans who are still waiting to play “Batman: Arkham Knight” on personal computers. This appeared to be the promise as seen in the latest leaked documents linked to Rocksteady Studios’ ported Batman title.

After the launch of this very buggy and unplayable PC port of “Batman: Arkham Knight,” Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment pulled the title from shelves and offered refunds to those who had bought preordered copies. Now, Ars Technica has reported that more than a month will be needed to relaunch the fixed “Batman: Arkham Knight” PC edition. Its report was based on leaked documents via EB Games Australia. The September...

Matthew and Tara Lehigh of Uhrichsville, Ohio celebrated their 25th anniversary on July 7, 2015. The couple married on July 7, 1990 at Uhrichsville Foursquare Church by Pastor Bill Baldwin.

Matt is the son of Michael and Tena Lehigh of Uhrichsville, Ohio. Tara is the daughter of the late Clyde Wallace and Joyce Wallace of New Philadelphia, Ohio.

The couple resides in Uhrichsville, Ohio with their two children, Kaley and Dakota Lehigh.

They celebrated their anniversary by taking a trip on their motorcycle to Hillbilly Hotdogs in West Virginia.

For those of you too young to remember, Commodore was a hot company in the mid-1980s. It was a leader in personal computers, shipping thousands of Commodore 64 desktops daily. Guinness has named it the single biggest-selling computer everthe company sold as many as 17 million of themand the brand name is still widely remembered. Still, the company went bankrupt in 1994, and the brand saw several fuzzy changes of trademark ownership over the years.

You have your trust. You felt pretty good having it done, but then you were told that your trust will not work the way you want it and avoid probate unless you fund it. But what is this funding and why is it important?

Your trust is a vehicle, a financial vehicle. It’s like that new car sitting in your driveway. It sure looks great, but it isn’t going anywhere unless you put fuel in it. The fuel for your trust is your assets. To properly fuel your trust, it must be funded. Trust funding is completely and correctly designating your trust and individuals as owners, beneficiaries and insured parties of your assets. Basically, it’s putting your stuff in your trust.


Following six quarters of disappointing results, Googles second-quarter earnings topped analyst expectations. Company shares shot up nearly 10% in after hours trading Thursday, and were rallying nearly 12% Friday morning.

Lets take a look at the tech stocks to watch Friday:

Google (GOOG): The company buoyed investors with earnings Thursday, attributing its growth to strong performances from YouTube and mobile search ads. Googles new finance chief Ruth Porat suggested more transparency with investors, while signaling more financial discipline and greater accountability.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD): As market demand for personal computers weakens, Advanced Micro Devices...

Google posted second-quarter net income of $3.93 billion, or $6.43 per Class C share, up from $3.35 billion, or $4.88 per Class C share, a year earlier. Excluding certain costs, the company had earnings of $6.99 a share in the latest quarter; analysts had projected earnings of $6.70 per share on that basis, according to Thomson Reuters.

Revenue rose 11% to $17.73 billion. Excluding traffic-acquisition costs–the revenue Google shares with other companies that syndicate its search results–revenue totaled $14.35 billion, above the average analyst forecast of $14.27 billion.

Excluding currency fluctuations, Google said its revenue in the June quarter would have improved...