A small-scale greenhouse can easily become an oasis in a seemingly endless mid-western winter. The bright lights and warmth cancel the dreary chill outside and the humid smell of soil and new growth can invigorate a tired body and soul. A greenhouse can be an escape from the cold reality of winter into the promise of a new spring. With modern advances in plastics and polymers, the once-decadent thought of having an entire building dedicated to plant growth is easier and less expensive than ever. With a plethora of sizes, styles and materials readily available, a personal greenhouse is more doable than ever.

You can certainly grow a garden, raise your own produce or even start a few seedlings...

In health-system pharmacy circles, people continue to discuss the growing pharmacy enterprise, the possibility of pharmacy executives having a position in line with other hospital executives within the c-suite, and the aligning of multiple hospital pharmacy departments to form a corporate structure. While these are noble discussions, I worry whether they are fully congruent with the needs of the future pharmacy department.

I recently reread Clayton Christensens book The Innovators Prescription, which I highly recommend. In it, Christensen attempts to demonstrate how disruptive innovation will reduce health care costs and improve care. As I was reflecting on some of the authors statements...

Google has hit back against criticisms by Rupert Murdochs News Corp, arguing the US internet giant has done more than almost any other company to help tackle online piracy and denying its online search power is anti-competitive.

Google publisheda blog titled Dear Ruperton Thursday, laying out a detailed response to a public attack by News Corp, publisher ofThe Australian,Wall Street Journaland other titles.

The chief executive of US-headquartered News Corp, AustralianRobert Thomson, sent an open letter last week to the European Commission complaining about Googleand demanding its overwhelming influence be reined in.

Electronic Medical Records Promise a Better Future for the Health Care Industry

Hospitals around the world are beginning to adopt electronic medical records as their primary source for compiling all clinical data, and for the right reasons. Electronic medical records…