Former Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) senior
manager Brian Jorgenson was sentenced to two years in prison for
insider trading that reaped $400,000 in profit using nonpublic
information about the software maker’s quarterly earnings and
its investment in Barnes amp; Noble Inc. (BKS), the US said.

A manager in Microsoft’s corporate finance and investment
division earning a six-figure salary, Jorgenson, 32, was privy
to confidential information about planned acquisitions when he
tipped a friend about the Barnes amp; Noble investment in 2012,
prosecutors said.

Jorgenson pleaded guilty earlier this year to one count of
securities fraud. Angelo...

Sverker Johansson is, indirectly, one of the most prolific editors on Wikipedia, the collectively-edited online encyclopaedia.

The Swedish science teacher, who goes by the username Lsj on the website, is the creator of Lsjbot, an automatic editor of wikipedia which helped make the Swedish language version of the site the eighth in the world to hit one million articles.

So far, Lsjbot has created 3m articles across multiple versions of the site, and racked up more than 10m individual edits. Its main task, according to Johansson, is creating articles about all species of plants and animals, and most of those ten million edits are related to that task one way or another.


Can it get any worse for Wall Streets wearied traders? It looks like it.

Formerly the lifeblood of the large investment banks, trading activity already has suffered a serious shockdelivered by new regulations and thin demand in the markets. Apparently comments from Marianne Lake, the chief financial officer at JPMorgan Chase, suggest things will get worse before they get better.

Analysts at Nomura, who recently spoke with Lake, report that she predicts further shrinking in the space. Their conclusion: Other players may see the need to narrow their focus, as at some point it may become harder for those without the benefit of scale to compete effectively.

In other words,...

Jonathan Henderson grew frustrated in his Dallas health care law practice in 2011 and started looking around at local firms to join.

Out of the blue, he received a call from a recruiter working for Polsinelli Shugart, a health care specialty law firm from Kansas City. The firm wanted to open an office in Dallas.

“It was like I had found someone I’d been looking for all my life,” he said. “Polsinelli was the perfect fit — a great match.”

Three years later, Polsinelli’s Dallas office has grown to more than 30 lawyers with a tremendous record of attracting health care clients in Texas.

Polsinelli is one of nearly 30 national...

Ex-Microsoft employee Brian Jorgenson was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday for an insider trading scheme that netted him and an accomplice over $400,000, according to Reuters.

Jorgenson, a former corporate finance manager at the tech company, had pleaded guilty to securities fraud for passing information from his job to Sean Stokke, a day trader.

US District Judge Marsha Pechman sentenced Jorgenson, who had originally asked for a year and a day in prison and 500 hours of community service, in Seattle federal court.

Jorgensons scheme started after he had discovered through his job that Microsoft


planned to invest in Barnes amp; Noble...

BuzzFeed is renowned for its highly-shared content, disowning search engines in favour of a social-first strategy and creating articles specifically for a sharing audience which go viral across multiple platforms of social media.

Last week, BuzzFeed UK editor Luke Lewis gave a masterclass in creating a community and a buzz around content on social media as part of the news:rewired+ training day. Here are some of his tips for what has worked at BuzzFeed, and what could be applied elsewhere.

Start small

Lewis highlighted the importance, especially for smaller projects, to pick a platform and devote the majority of your resources to it.

A problem with a lot of places...

Father of four is sentenced to two years in prison for insider trading, loses $130K/year job

Brian D. Jorgenson, 32, had what most Americans would consider a dream job. As a senior manager of a portfolio in Microsoft Corp.#39;s (MSFT) Treasury Group he earned over $130,000 USD per year and had a host of sweet benefits. But in 2012 he made the fortuitous decision to secretly contact a former colleague whom he had worked with for several years at an investment management firm, prior to joining Microsoft.

I. Dream Job, Dream Home, Dream Family, Dream Life

The pair would engage in a series of three rounds of insider trading, a move which would ultimately cost Mr. Jorgenson...

For the past few weeks, Ive been writing about law school hoping that it would help would-be law students make an informed decision. I exposed some misperceptions about law school that no one discussed. I also suggested some cost-effective and possibly lucrative alternatives to a legal education. And I wrote about some last-minute things to consider before going to law school.

But some of you will still go to law school for the wrong reasons and pay rip-off prices. Ego, familial expectations, and peer pressure may play a role in your decision. So I want to finish the law-school-themed posts by issuing a warning to students and their parents about the consequences of graduating without...

Vermont has the right to require that genetically modified foods sold within the state be labeled, the state attorney general argued in papers filed Friday in federal court.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell defended Vermonts new labeling law with a 51-page court filing. He asked the court to throw out a lawsuit seeking to overturn the law filed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, the National Association of Manufacturers, International Dairy Foods Association and the Snack Foods Association.

Sorrell also asked that several state officials, including Gov. Peter Shumlin, be removed from the lawsuit and contended that the National Association of Manufacturers should be tossed...

If there is one thing Lucy Koh will never live down, its that time she asked a lawyer in her court if he was smoking crack.

It was 2012 and she was presiding over the first US suit in the multipart smartphone patent war between Apple and Samsung. Apple wanted to squeeze in more than 20 new witnesses during the companys last four hours of testimony. Samsung filed 75 pages of objections. Koh would have to rule on each objection to a long list of witnesses who probably would not even make it to the stand.

Koh likes her cases to move along quickly. Apples attorney appeared to be wasting the courts time.

Unless youre smoking crack, you know these witnesses arent going to be called...