The College of Nursing is taking a trip to India over winter interim. The trip is for the Junior II medical and surgical clinical. The group will be traveling to India from Dec. 27 to Jan. 17 and will be visiting Chennai, Dehli and Agra. Shelly Lancaster and Tammy Chapin, College of Nursing professors, are the directors of the trip and both Lancaster and Chapin said they hope the students find the trip as exciting and as knowledgeable as they do. According to Lancaster and Chapin, the students on the trip will be working with local hospitals to help students gain a real world perspective.


When you think about Black Friday deals, what do you picture?

For me, its big-screen TVs, the hottest tablets, miscellaneous gadgets and toys, toys and more toys.

Folks (namely, I) also think of the commonly assumed best places to obtain these items: Toy stores, electronics stores, mega-big-box retailers and maybe a department store or two.

While its true these types of stores offer better-than-average Black Friday (or Thursday, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it) deals, if youre a Black Friday shopper — or even if youre not — I challenge you this year to think outside the Big Box.

Drugstores are a prime example.

It might sound lame to relatives...

The taxpayer-funded Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference has been going on for 20 years, according to KOIN, held annually in the town of Seaside, Oregon. Students from across Oregon some as young as 11-years-old attend the conference.

One lesson at the sex ed conference was put on by the adult porn site Virtual Fem, and taught the kids a lesson about teledildonics that is, pleasuring each other with sex toys via the internet, according to keynote speaker Cory Silverberg.

Teledildonics basically refers to the control of sex toys over the Internet; the remote use of sex toys.

Some of the other suggestions given to adolescents at the sex ed conference...

Top dog Tyke on patrol yesterday at Heathrow airport [MARK KEHOE]

There cannot be a passenger who has not been won over by his gentle demeanour, yet his super-sensitive nose has become a vital weapon in the struggle to keep our nations borders safe.

Over his long and distinguished service, Tykes incredible sense of smell has been at the forefront in the war against bird and swine flu and, more recently, the scourge of Ebola.

His acute senses are also honed to sniff...

Respite Care Vacation and Short-Term Stay Program offers 24-hour care, companionship

For families who care for elderly loved ones at home, a holiday vacation or even a short break from care giving can be difficult to maneuver.

Heartland Health Care Center Ionia has a service called Respite Care Vacation and Short-Term Stay Program, which provides 24-hour individualized care and companionship in its facility for a weekend, a season or any amount of time in between.

The program gives a family a break from caring for their loved ones at home, said Michelle Buckner, director of admissions...

Australia-based Women of Letters is finding its second home in NYC. (Photo credit: Lauren Bamford)

The Fourth Annual Art-A-Thon, a marathon of artistic creation. 25 artists from San Diego County will seek donations to create artwork for up to 24 straight hours. As works are finished, they will be added to the ArtHatch gallery space and auctioned off for a one-month period following the event.

Proceeds from donations and art sales will be divided between the artists and ArtHatch to support the centers free art education program for local at-risk teens. There will also be prizes for the artists who raise the most in pledges and for the artists that make it through the full 24 hours. The opening reception for the exhibition with the artists in attendance is the weekend after the event...

Ledger artist Monte Yellow Bird Sr. is the guest artist at the 44th annual Havre Art Association Show and Sale at the Van Orsdel United Methodist Church this weekend in Havre.

Yellow Bird, also known as Black Pinto Horse, is a noted ledger artist. He will show his work at the art show and give presentations on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm

Ledger art is an artform developed by plains Indians in the 19th century and continues to the present day. Ledger art features usually pen-and-ink or painted figures on ledger paper.

Both presentations will last an hour.

“We’ve never had ledger art,” said Becky Ross, media chair of the art show.

The show...

In 2009, Los Angeles-based photographer Amy Elkins embarked upon a photography project titled Black is the Day, Black is the Night. She did so by reaching out to seven men online, all of whom shed met through a prison pen pal website. She set up a PO Box and began writing to each of them, sending letters from her then home in New York to California, Nevada, Georgia, Idaho, Texas and Mississippi.

All of her recipients had one thing in common — they were all serving a life or death row sentence in maximum security facilities across the country, having been confined to the inside of a prison for anywhere between 13-26 years.

An Accumulation of Prison Correspondence


For one month last year, one of the most elusive artists in the world turned New York City into his personal canvas.

Banksy, the acclaimed and mysterious British street artist who earned an Oscar nomination for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010), unveiled new pieces on nearly every day of October 2013 across New Yorks five boroughs.

The experience of the provocative residency and New Yorkers response to it is documented in director Chris Moukarbels compelling new film Banksy Does New York, debuting at 9 pm Monday, Nov. 17, on HBO.

Utilizing a combination of talking heads, social media screenshots and on-the-scene camera work, Moukarbel has crafted an engaging...